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he artwork of Bruce I. Petrie, Jr... 

... began with an early enjoyment of drawing and caricature--a curious eye for what gives anything, anyplace or anyone its unique character. 

n college, graduate school and years following, he pursued free lance illustration, caricature and editorial cartooning, producing a portfolio of several hundred published and reproduced works. In 1989, he began oil painting with American Master Thomas Buechner in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. 

ver the years since, Bruce has refined his skills through many hours of painting outdoors directly from nature. His easel has traveled across the United States and in France, Italy, Canada, Mexico and Guatemala. He paints in the parklands and natural areas near his home in Cincinnati, as well as in Southwestern Ohio, Northern Michigan, Upstate New York and the American West. He is a member of a guild of artists who meet and draw weekly in Cincinnati and share a dedication to carrying on classical disciplines of direct drawing and painting. His artwork is regularly shown and is held in distinguished private collections.

n a style that blends classical methods with the freedom of the outdoors , the artwork of Bruce I. Petrie, Jr. still draws on his early eye for character within the subject-that substance and spirit which makes the landscape, the natural object or the person distinct and humane.


"Defining Light-Recent Works by Bruce I. Petrie, Jr." Cincinnati Art Galleries
Great American Artists Show
Artist in Residence University Club 
People and Places, Weston Bolling Galleries 

Born Cincinnati, Ohio
Married Dr. Mary B. Petrie
Four children
Brown University (BA) and Northwestern University School of Law (JD)
Partner, Graydon, Head and Ritchey LLP
Civic and community volunteer
Past President: Cincinnati Parks Foundation
Past President: Legal Aid Society of Cincinnati
Past President: Legal Services for the Poor Foundation


  • A note about The Beverly Stevens Petrie Teacher's Resource Room of the Cincinnati Art Museum...treasure trove of information for teachers, schoolchildren and students of the visual arts of all ages located within the world-renowned collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum. For more information visit the CAM web site.




    "In a world like ours, that is busier than ever before, it is of particular rarity and importance to learn to look at life with a curious eye for observation. And it is just that eye for nature and the light on the land that Bruce Petrie brings to the canvas. I am particularly fond of the paintings of his native Ohio. When Bruce Petrie renders the subtle beauty of the region's surrounding farm fields and parklands, it is easy to imagine you are there, not on a Sunday afternoon, but 100 years ago."

    Thane Maynard 
    Director, Cincinnati Zoo 

    "Bruce Petrie's work in the field of plein air landscape painting is exceptional. Its real hallmark is a wonderful sense of freshness and luminosity. We've painted together in Maine and elsewhere, and the thing that impresses me most is that all his spirited brushwork is typically underpinned with extraordinarily crisp and carefully executed drawing. It's a refreshing and masterful combination, and one rarely seen in today's plein air movement."

    Carl J. Samson
    Chairman, American Society of Portrait Painters


    Inquiries about the artwork of Bruce I. Petrie, Jr. can be made by e-mailing

  • "Over the past 15 years I have seen Bruce Petrie evolve from a gifted student to an accomplished painter. He is a keen observer of the world we share."

    Tom Buechner
    American Master Artist and Author

    Photography by Daniel Petrie 
    Copyright, Bruce I. Petrie Jr. All rights reserved.